Friday, April 10, 2009

Anonymous Kindness

A stranger ‘tagged’ us today. No, not the squiggly black-pen-on-the-garage-door kind of tag, but with a thoughtful note and a kindness card. It came from a member of, a social change movement promoting anonymous acts of kindness.

The note was penned on a Claude Monet note card and directed at my housemate Jenny Orchard, one of Australia's leading sculptors:

“Hi, I wanted to thank you for sharing your fun sculptures with the community - having them in the front garden is a wonderful gesture of trust and generosity. I was riding my bike past your house the other night and they really cheered me up. Thanks - a fellow community member.”

The card accompanied a fair trade chocolate bar. I checked the website and promptly signed up. This is my kind of movement and if your are in Sydney, I invite you to join it. If you're not here, perhaps you could start your own version. Or just do something nice for someone. Pay the toll for the car behind you next time you stop at a toll booth. Or when paying your restaurant bill, volunteer to take $10 off the person behind you. Buy someone a movie ticket. Or put a vase of flowers on a random neighbor's doorstep. Leave them a note, encouraging them to pass along the favor. Life is hard and the the KFC (Karmic Economic Crisis) is asking us to wake up and share. Our kindness cards are coming in the mail, but before they arrive, I wanted to share this idea with you. Learn more at C’mon, lets play. Tag! Your it!


  1. Your blog came up when I was searching for Fairbanks blogs... not sure why but now that I'm here, what a neat gift you received! It's amazing how little acts of kindness can result in great connections overall. Glad I found your blog nevertheless.. have a super weekend and enjoy the chocolate! :)

  2. I love this! Was researching some yoga therapy and ended up at your blog. Thank you for sharing and I hope you're continuing on with anonymous acts of kindness- beautiful things done not for recognition, approval or boosting egos- simple things that help us all along our karmic journey :)